Horticultural and Trellis Netting - Specifications

Manufactured from HDPE yarn. Horticultural and trellis netting is used for intensive cultivation of high-turnover and fast-growing crops. Two types of Plant Support netting are produced, to order:

  • Trellis netting for creeper type plants. This netting is knitted from our monofilament polyethylene and is erected vertically. Benefits include less incidence of disease (the plant is easier/more economical to spray) and easier harvesting. Lengths are knitted to customer requirements. The knitted length is 40 percent longer than the erected length. Typical plant applications: Mange tout, sugar snaps, runner beans, tomatoes, passion fruit, paprika.

  • Plant Support netting, often used to support and encourage correct growth of straight-stemmed flowers. This is handmade from a braided 8 ply or 16 ply polyethylene cord, and is erected horizontally. The mesh size, width and length of hand- made plant support nets are produced to customer requirements for specific crop types.

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