Shade/Hail Netting

Horticultural businesses install our protective netting to save money on inputs (water, chemicals, labor), increase plant productivity and virtually eliminate the risk of hail, wind and insect damage to valuable crops.

As a general rule, a 20% mesh is utilized as hail protection, and 50% mesh for wind protection. A degree of frost protection is also obtained, with white netting recommended for frost-prone areas.

Our Protection Nets are warp knitted in different mesh patterns and weights, using high density polyethylene which has excellent strength/weight ratio and proven resistance to chemicals and moisture.

The UV stabilized polyethylene gives our shade / hail netting a life span of at least eight years under Zimbabwean conditions, i.e. very high levels of UV radiation. The netting comes in different colors like black, green and white which are specific for various applications.

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