Polypropylene Strapping - Specifications

SECUROPAC, the packaging solutions division of Twine and Cordage, manufactures polypropylene strapping under license from Signode USA for use with both hand tools and power machines. Signode is the worldwide leading manufacturer and distributor of protective packaging systems and specializes in developing products that have been engineered specifically for your particular application. When you buy from SECUROPAC, you benefit from technology that has been designed specifically for your needs. Our technology protects your product, streamlines your production and ultimately improves your bottom line.


Tobacco Industry

Our solutions for the tobacco industry have resulted in the development of innovative, cost-efficient products that address end-of-line packaging requirements within tobacco processing plants.

Cotton Industry

Our packaging and tooling systems for cotton ginneries are designed to ensure cotton bales are secured for effective product handling during shipping and storage.

Brick Packaging Solutions

Our PET strapping solutions for brick load securing ensure bricks move from kilns to markets and building sites with convenience and ease. Proper brick securing is a fundamental hazard minimization solution required during handling, shipping, storage and stacking.

Corrugated Industry

Our end-of-line packaging machines and strapping for the corrugated industry are designed to prevent product damage during handling, shipping and storage.

Timber Industry

Securing lumber for efficient transportation is a fundamental safety requirement and SECUROPAC recognizes the importance of secure loads during handling, shipping and storage. Recent technological advancements have paved the way for high-strength polyester strapping materials which have proven to provide several clear advantages over steel strapping in many forest products.

Meat and Poultry Industries

SECUROPAC provides innovative packaging solutions for the meat, poultry and piggery industries. Whatever systems you require for efficient end-of-line packaging, SECUROPAC is your one stop solution provider.

Metals Industry

SECUROPAC provides packaging solutions centered on material that ultimately secures loads during handling, shipping and storage. SECUROPAC end-of-line packaging solutions are at the heart of safety and efficiency requirements for companies.

Products And Systems

When you buy from SECUROPAC, you get more than top quality, reliable products. You get the maintenance, technical and engineering resources necessary to meet your ongoing packaging needs. You’ll get a system that improves your package, protects your product and increases your profits from a company that understands your needs and knows how to meet them.

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